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Cylinder Head Spacer

Cylinder Head Spacer

Cylinder Head Spacer available in 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm thicknesses.


Designed for:

Basic engine: Piaggio 2-Takt Maxi-Scooter-Motoren

Cylinder: Piaggio 125cc LC, Piaggio 150cc LC, Piaggio 180cc, Polini 176cc, Malossi 172cc & PM 172cc


This cylinder head spacer are designed for use in combination with long stroke crankshafts, in this case, the cylinders length needs to be increased by half of the additional stroke, to avoid contact between piston and cylinder head during engine run (e.g. take 1mm spacer when using 54mm of stroke). Compared to using cylinder bottom spacers the exhaust port duration only changes a small amount, therefore the head spacer is recommended for the layout of low-rev engines with high torque output.


Includes assembly instructions and increase of port duration calculations.