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The goal of SP Developments is to produce a scooter engine with ancillaries capable of achieving both modern day performance and reliability expectations. This project began with this Lambretta in 2004 with the intention of redesigning the original engine to achieve the goal. In 2014 this led to a 172cc water cooled, fuel and oil injected engine with a 4 speed gearbox which ran in this mule for a number of years producing 24BHP and a top speed of over 80mph which would reliably run at full throttle on a day to day basis. 

The customer trend throughout this time has resulted in larger capacity engines being desired which resulted in the engine being redeveloped to a 250cc variant which is currently fitted to this scooter for the testing phase.

To support the test work the Lambretta has been fitted with the following:

  • SP 250i engine cast and machined in the UK

  • Uprated front forks

  • Custom fully adjustable SP rear suspension

  • Custom ECU and electronics

  • Custom fuel tank

The images below and their descriptions detail various points throughout the test process.

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